About Us

XY50PLUS has been involved in business consulting and HR services for the past 8 years and primarily focusing on online related services for the past 3 years. Crucial today to any business is the integration of the right software and applications. Technologies increase the operational efficiency; automate working processes and may save time to almost any position in an organisational structure. The key is to find out what features are needed and most adequate for a given business. Product descriptions, reviews and comparisons are some of the most viewed pages online. This goes along with the fact that it becomes more and more difficult to be sure about what product to choose and work with successfully for years to come.

Among all available technologies, the growing offer and demand for SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud based applications has not only several technical advantages (simplified updates, backed up data, platform in-dependency, etc.), but also may influence our HR policies. Employment becomes more and more costly, employees demand more and more freedom and the concept of freelancers working for corporations is redefining the way we work, where we work and who we work with. The number of freelancers is growing worldwide. Over 100 million people are working today from home and the number of individuals looking for additional income is increasing by millions every month.

XY50PLUS aims at bringing these worlds together, avoiding possible issues to the benefit of employers, experts or agencies. We research and present the best available SaaS or Cloud based business tools in collaboration with industry evaluation leaders and at the same time offer product experts the chance to find clients and clients the chance to find professionals for support or other assignments. Through mutual ratings and reviews, a solid transaction platform and a constant research for the best and most useful on the market, we believe that XY50PLUS will become a valuable tool for companies that search for a quick and efficient resource to solve their operational or managerial targets.

All this would not be possible without our remarkable customers, who through their consistent feedback allow us to develop tools that people are looking for. We thank them and thank you for any inspiration leading to an improvement of our products and services.