Welcome to Booking Experts, the online portal that combines experts, employers and agencies with SaaS or cloud based applications. If you are an employer requiring an "expert" within the listed applications and software based products, we offer you the chance to post your project online, review and find experts; and safely pay through our online platform once the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

The online pool of registered "Experts" will be able to view your job postings.  You are required to post your specific requirements for the job, the skill sets you are seeking from the experts and your expectations from them. We will assist you by showcasing a list of various profiles that match your requirements for you to choose from.  Remember to always choose your "Experts" wisely and not solely based on cost. When selecting a shortlist of applicants, we recommend that you evaluate the combination of quality, deliver-ability and cost. In order to help you choose wisely, we have a review system in place where you can see comments, feedback and ratings given to your chosen "Expert".

To ensure effective management of your project, we advise that you establish milestones, delivery dates, payment schedule and quality expectations before the work commences. Establish a good working relationship by having regular discussions and communication with your "Expert".

Once the project is completed, we handle the payment processes for you. All you need to do, is pay Booking Experts through our safe pay service, with either PayPal or Credit Card and we will look after the complicated stuff like foreign currency exchange etc.