Welcome to Booking Experts, the online portal that combines experts, employers and agencies with SaaS or cloud based applications.  If you are an agency, we offer you the chance to become a corporate entity in providing services associated with the listed applications and software based products to employers.

Upon registration, you are able to login to your account to upload and add your own network of "Experts" to the portal.  Alternatively, if you do not have your own team that you wish to advertise, you can create a team using the registered "Experts".  You are therefore able to establish your own list of preferred or previously used experts. 

If you already have an established network of "Experts" that you wish to add to your portal and promote on Booking Experts, we suggest to ensure that you highlight their areas of expertise in their profile so that employers can see the potential immediately.   The profiles are crucial in getting your team the required job.  Show the world what your team can offer. 

Alternatively, if you wish to create your own team using the registered "Experts", remember to always choose them wisely and base your judgment on more than one element; quality, deliver-ability and cost. To help you choose your team of "Experts", we have a review system in place where you can see comments, feedback and ratings given to everyone.