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Welcome to xy50plus, the new front line of professional recruitment where expertise recognises no age!

By reaching out to the world to offer careers, expertise and business aide, we aim to develop, advance and help freelancers, agencies and employers and there virtual offices. 

About Us

We aim to bring together the best available SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud based applications with the relevant experts, employers, or agencies. We research and present SaaS or Cloud based business tools in collaboration with industry evaluation leaders and at the same time offer product experts the chance to find clients and clients the chance to find professionals for support or other assignments.

Through mutual ratings and reviews, a solid transaction platform and a constant research for the best and most useful on the market, we believe that Booking Experts is an invaluable tool for companies and experts. Read More


XY50Plus currently offers 3 types of widgets for you to embed into your website. These are: Expert Directory, Employer Directory and Custom Job Board. Read More